Why We Loved Working on Schneck Medical Center’s new Website Design

Schneck Medical Center Website Redesign

Each of Bitwise’s custom web design projects represent an opportunity to solve a problem, to capitalize on an opportunity, to make a difference and to get to know some great people.  That’s never been more true than with the Schneck Medical Center website design project.

We had so much fun with our digital marketing process with their customer persona research, as the people with whom we spoke were incredibly dedicated to Schneck and were generous with their time and insights to give back to the hospital that had done so much for them.  We heard beautiful, touching stories of how Schneck positively impacts their community by giving individuals the highest quality health care with a small-town touch.  This persona research, along with our team visiting their award-winning hospital, challenged us to present a unique web design concept for a cutting-edge user interface with a friendly, personal feel with plenty of room for images.

Schneck had a unique need in that they were consolidating multiple sites for their different practices into one unified site.  By creating configurable microsites for each practice group, we ensured consistency in the layout between physician practices along with the flexibility for each practice to customize their site by selecting from several color schemes and adding their own logo, global links and internal navigation with as many pages as needed. 

The other big need for Schneck was ease of navigation to ensure users could easily find all the helpful resources on their site.  Their megamenu helps organize their second-level pages, and the navigation is always accessible by remaining at the top of the page as the user scrolls.  Schneck Medical Center hosts many community wellness events and classes, which feed into their homepage and can be sorted by event type on the listing page to allow users to narrow down results and register.  Their “Find A Doctor” feature helps users search by name or specialty and easily access physicians’ credentials, biographies and contact information.  

We are pleased with their new responsive website and humbled to partner with them in their mission.  Please check out Schneck’s website and reply with your thoughts in the comments!


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